Q: I have a clear idea of what I want, is that an issue?

A: No, we welcome our clients input. The piece is after all for you. Whether we are designing a one off desk or a set of chairs we do so hand in hand with our clients.  

Q: I would prefer to let you do everything, I just want to sign off the final design. Is that ok?

A: Yes we are happy to develop our thinking and present back to you our thoughts and ideas. Again this process can be collaborative or based on sign off meetings.  


Q: How and when am I expected to pay for the piece?

A: Once initial ideas have been discussed and all parties have agreed the commission. We provide the end client a 'Scope of Works' document, this will detail the costs of materials, the time to design and develop the idea and finally a cost to make the piece. The costs and time vary greatly depending on the job, materials used and scope. 

Once we have started the project, we invoice approximately 50% of the overall cost this helps to cover the design and materials. The remaining amount is normally invoiced on completion.


Q: Do you have a set of Terms and Conditions?

A: Yes, we are happy to share these with you. Our scope of works documentation also covers our terms.