I have always loved well designed things. From watches to furniture, 'I am fascinated by the patina of wear; The honesty of real materials, the consider junction between, a steel leg and a leather cushion'. My love affair started some 25 years ago when I stumbled across the work of Robin Day. In particular his 675 Chair, designed in 1952. 

From my point of view, almost everything manufactured today is 'trash'. As consumers we should expect more from the companies that design and make the objects we use, in fact we should demand it. We should all move away from badly designed, badly made and badly resourced products.

Let me pose the question like this. Do you want to spend your hard earned money on a chair that has been designed without care and attention, manufactured in a similar vain using the planet's precious resources, only to throw the chair out after a couple of years? Or would you rather take as much care in selecting the chair and take great pleasure in using it for many years?