As our regular readers know, we design and develop many of our products, furniture and installations using the latest technology. We constantly explore devices, software and techniques. Some of the images below are an outline of a few of those devices.

Over the course of the last couple of years we have experimented with an iPad Air and the Jot Script Pen, Wacom's Intous series and several apps. We have found that the best tools for team collaboration and input is combination of Evernote, in conjunction with Apple's iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil

Evernote allows the team to share ideas across a number of locations and devices. We have collaborated with several clients recently who have found the experience not only positive but also rewarding.

I found that I began to use the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil more and more. From taking notes, to sketching ideas and sharing processes with Richard, we both found ourselves sitting around our desks coffee in hand, discussing ideas and sketching out our thoughts. In our latest coffee fuelled conversations, the chatting quickly moved onto the lack of a decent pencil case for our Apple Pencils. So we began sketching and discussing materials, colours, shape and finish.

How would the user know what was top and bottom? Would the magnets hold in a bag? The initial prototype was produced in ply and Valchromat. We quickly began to explore three selected woods, ash, wenge and bog oak. The medullary rays in the bog oak were truly stunning. However my personal choice would have to be the Ash case, the grain the colour and patina of wear on the case I have been using for the last few weeks is truly stunning. 

We made several prototypes and experimented with finish, curves and finger grooves to allow the user to easily pull apart the case, until we settled on the final design. The picture below is my personal case. I use it every day.

The cases are available on our shop